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What Happened to James Chasse: Chasse Update: Grand Jury to Conclude Next Week

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Chasse Update: Grand Jury to Conclude Next Week

from the Portland Mercury

This just in from Police Chief Rosie Sizer:

“The District Attorney has informed me that the Grand Jury will not conclude until next week, due to the unavailability of a witness.

“I understand the need for people to hear what occurred in this incident and the heightened emotion in the community. But out of respect for the Grand Jury process, the Police Bureau cannot participate in the release of investigative information to the media and community.

“Following the conclusion of the Grand Jury, the Police Bureau is committed to providing an extremely detailed account of the what led up to the initial contact with Mr. Chasse and the actions of all those involved throughout the entire incident. I ask that people be patient until we have the opportunity to provide this briefing and begin what I hope will be a broad-based discussion on not only the specifics of this incident, but also the issues that law enforcement and the community face in dealing with people who suffer from a mental illness.

Matt Davis spoke with D.A. Mike Schrunk earlier today—we heard a false rumor that the grand jury had wrapped up this afternoon—who advised us to call back on Monday.

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