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What Happened to James Chasse: Chasse family attorney's statement

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Chasse family attorney's statement



The family of James Chasse, Jr., believes it is in the public’s best interest at this time to have access to the information contained in the Medical Examiner’s report on Jim’s tragic death and is releasing the report for that reason.

The report is remarkable for several reasons. As set forth in the report: Jim was “of extremely thin build, weighing 145 pounds” and 5'9" tall. He was generally in good health. He had no alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of his death.

The examination revealed no indication of any illicit drug use.

The examination revealed the following external injuries: multiple contusions and abrasions to his head, chest, abdomen, upper extremities, lower extremities, and back. The examination also revealed the following internal injuries, including: right ribs #3 through #8 are fractured in a comminuted fashion [crushed or splintered into numerous pieces], approximately 1- 1/2" right of the sternal edge; left ribs #3 through #8 are fractured in a comminuted fashion, approximately 1- 1/2" left of the sternal edge; the fractures of both right and left ribs perforate the serosa; left ribs #3 through #8 are fractured approximately 6" to 8" left of the sternal edge in the lateral chest wall; there is intense hemorrhage present associated with these fractures; the fractured ribs perforate the serosa and the adjacent muscular structures; posterior left ribs #3 through #12 are fractured approximately 1- 1/2" left of the left side of the spinal column; the inner cortex of the ribs is fractured in two spots and chips away from the bone on ribs #5, #6 and #7; the ribs are fractured in displaced fashion and perforate the overlying serosa, and they penetrate into the left lung for a distance of approximately 1/4"; and there is intense hemorrhage into the soft tissue and musculature of the posterior left chest wall due to the rib fracture. Right posterior ribs #3 through #6 are fractured approximately ½" from the right side of the spinal column.

This means no fewer than 12 ribs were crushed and splintered, both in front and in back, so severely that his lung was punctured and he suffered massive internal hemorrhaging.

The family is continuing to investigate the circumstances of Jim’s tragic death and appreciates the cooperation the public has been providing.

If you have any information regarding what happened to Jim, you are urged to contact either of the following: Tom Steenson, the family’s attorney, @ 503 / 221-1792 or e-mail: David Halloran, the family’s investigator, @ 503 / 256-4704 or e-mail:

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