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What Happened to James Chasse: D.A. statement on James Chasse grand jury verdict

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

D.A. statement on James Chasse grand jury verdict


Statement from D.A. Michael Schrunk on the grand jury's decision to not charge police in the death of a man who died in custody.

Today the Multnomah Grand Jury voted unanimously not to return criminal charges against any individual in connection with the death of James Chasse.

The Grand Jury heard testimony on five different days from the following 30 witnesses:

•Duane Bigoni
•Dr. William J. Brady
•Bret Burton
•Lynn Courtney
•Constance Doolan
•Tom Forsyth
•Patricia Gayman
•Mark Ginsberg
•Dr. Karen Gunson
•Cindy Halaas
•Tamara Hergert
•Thomas Hollenbeck
•Ela Howard
•Christopher Humphreys
•James Hunter
•William Koppy
•Diane Loughry
•Brian Malloy
•Kathleen Martinez
•Jamie Marquez
•Scott Montgomery
•Kyle Nice
•Jon Olson
•Troy Pahlke
•Benjamin Persyn
•Alireza Justin Soltani
•Rev. Randall Stuart
•Gary Szalay
•Carl Weldon
•Jason Worthington

The Grand Jury also reviewed exhibits, photographs and records that included Mr. Chasse’s extensive mental health history.

Attorneys and an investigator for the Chasse family were allowed to review all investigative material in the possession of the District Attorney’s Office and suggest any witnesses or evidence that should be heard before the Grand Jury. They suggested one witness, Dr. Brady, who was called. They were also permitted to review written definitions of possible criminal conduct in this matter that were given to the Grand Jury.

It is emphasized that today’s decision by the Grand Jury is a narrow one: whether any individual had criminal responsibility in Mr. Chasse’s tragic death.

District Attorney

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