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What Happened to James Chasse: Comment About Links to The Oregonian by the Blog Authors

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Comment About Links to The Oregonian by the Blog Authors

Readers of this site and others may notice the absence of URL links to the original stories published in the Oregonian newspaper.

Despite being one of the most profitable newspapers in the nation, the Oregonian, along with other Advance Publication operations, runs an irresponsible web site.

Recently the web site - which probably has no connection to the Portland paper - decided to change all the URL addresses for it's news stories. This decision broke all the linkages - the direct connections - between this blog and Oregonian news stories about James Chasse.

The decision did not just effect our blog. All news story links to the Oregonian are broken.

We could recreate the links - a toilsome process - or recognize the irresponsible status of the Oregonian web site.

We've decided to retrieve and post the entire the news stories we need for this blog from the Oregonian archive, accessible with a Multnomah County library card through PORTALS or through the Multnomah County Library.

1 comment:

Marian said...

I knew James pretty well. We both frequented "our club," The Mezz (later renamed The New Mezz Connection) a mental health drop in center.

The shock I felt when I saw James' picture in the Oregonian was terrible. James was a sweet, sweet guy, and never had a bad word or harmed anyone.

I wish that James could be shown as he looked as a mature man. There is nothing wrong with how James looked. He had long hair and a beard, but was not ugly or frightening looking. It hurts me, and James' adult self-respect, the appearance that his adult self is unacceptable to be shown in these and other public pages by the mental health community.

Whatever the reason is, I hope someone will show the picture of him that ran in the Oregonian. I'm sure the Oregonian does not own this picture. Whoever does, should release it for publication.