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What Happened to James Chasse: Portland's 2006 homicides

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Portland's 2006 homicides

from The Oregonian

The following describes Portland's 27 homicides in 2006 and the status of the investigations. "Solved" means police have made an arrest or identified a suspect but doesn't necessarily reflect a conviction.

1. Dennis Lamar Young, 28. He was fatally shot by police about 2:20 a.m. Jan. 4. A homeowner noticed Young parked suspiciously in front of her house on Northeast 64th Avenue, just south of Alameda Street, and called her brother, police Lt. Jeffrey M. Kaer. Kaer, a 15-year bureau veteran, shook the driver awake, and he crashed the stolen car into a tree across the street before he tried to back toward the officers, police said. Kaer fired two shots from a 9 mm handgun. Young died from a single gunshot wound to his upper torso. An internal inquiry into the shooting has yet to go before a police use of force review board. POLICE SHOOTING

2. James Charles Voorhees, 25. He was found fatally shot in an apartment at 118 N.E. 160th Ave. on Jan. 20. The tenant, Michael Eugene Mehrer, 45, admitted to police he fired the single gunshot. Mehrer said Voorhees, of Gresham, forced his way inside Mehrer's apartment, seeking to recover some work tools and other property that he thought Mehrer had taken from his business. Voorhees was holding a BB gun and advanced on Mehrer, police said. The Multnomah County district attorney's office closed the case this spring as "justified use of force." SOLVED

3. Christopher Darryl John Carter, 42. He was found in pool of blood in the entry to a building at Southwest 12th Avenue between Alder and Washington streets about 10 p.m. Jan. 23. Carter died from two deep knife wounds to his neck. Within an hour, police took Richard Paul Koehrsen, 46, into custody a few blocks away. He was about to be taken to Hooper Detox when officials noticed blood on Koehrsen's beard, shoes and face. Police found a bloody folding knife in his pocket. Witnesses also said they had seen Koehrsen talking to Carter earlier in the night. DNA from the blood on Koehrsen's knife matched the victim, police said. An inmate this summer told police he heard Koehrsen say he slit Carter's throat because he had tried to sell Koehrsen some "fake crack cocaine," court records say. SOLVED

4. Robert Wardale Seeger, 24. He was found shot at 5:24 p.m. Feb. 4 at Northeast Failing Street and Garfield Avenue. A witness saw a group of men running to a silver van and driving away. Seeger lived in Southeast Portland, and family members said he might have been visiting friends in Northeast. Detectives said they are close to solving the case, and suspect that Seeger's death may have been drug-related. UNSOLVED

5. Frank Campbell, 53. He was found fatally shot, lying on his back on the floor of his apartment in the 2500 block of Northeast Killingsworth Street about 3:45 p.m. on Feb. 8. He died of a close-contact gunshot to the abdomen. The next day, police arrested his cousin, Paul Edward Campbell, 43, accusing him of first-degree manslaughter. The cousin told police he found a rifle in the basement and was "clowning around" with it and must have pulled the trigger. The victim fell into his arms and dropped to the floor, and Paul Campbell left. The cousin was convicted of criminal negligent homicide with a firearm after pleading no contest to the charge in October; the manslaughter charge was dismissed. SOLVED

6. Jennifer Crawford, 34. She was shot by her husband Feb. 16 while taking a shower at their home in the 7600 block of Southeast Holgate Boulevard. Neighbors hadn't seen the family for several days, and police went to the home to check on things. Gary D. Crawford, 48, was found dead in the bedroom. He left a note asking people to take care of their dog in the backyard. Jennifer Crawford died of multiple gunshot wounds, and her husband died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. SOLVED

7, 8 and 9. Soupaphane Homsombath, 24, Lionel Homsombath, 8, and Leana Homsombath, 5, were found dead after police were called at 5:33 a.m. March 16 to Apt. 19 of the Zachary Park Apartments at 3601 N.E. 162nd Ave. after a neighbor reported hearing gunshots. Soupaphane was shot dead on the couch; her 8-year-old son was shot twice in the head as he lay on a mattress or blanket in the living room; his 5-year-old sister was stabbed to death in a bedroom. The mother's boyfriend of nearly a year, Somkhilth Soulinho, 31, shot himself in the living room. Soulinho was the younger brother of Soupaphane's ex-husband. SOLVED

10. Gary George, 51. He was found in a pool of blood April 24 inside a house in the 7100 block of Northeast 42nd Avenue. He had been beaten. Bobby Donald Barnes, 52, was arrested earlier on a warrant for a parole violation, and while he was in custody, detectives were called to George's home about 5:30 p.m. Guns, a laptop computer and knives had been stolen from his home. Investigators tracked down two people who had driven Barnes to George's home. Their accounts, together with DNA evidence, linked Barnes to the crime, prosecutors said. Barnes faces two counts of aggravated murder, accused of killing George in the course of burglarizing and robbing him and of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Seven weeks before George was killed, he was in a gunfight in his house with an estranged lover and her ex-husband. Police say the incident was unrelated to his death. SOLVED

11. Claudia Rhone, 54. She was found stabbed May 2 outside her Iris Court apartment in the 200 block of North Sumner Street. By noon the next day, Portland detectives had Rhone's ex-boyfriend, Gilberto Pedroso, 63, in custody, accused of murder. Their relationship was marked by alcohol and physical violence, a series of harassment and assault arrests, a restraining order and stalking complaints. Before Rhone was killed, she and neighbors had called police twice that night to complain that Rhone's ex-boyfriend was threatening her with a knife. By 10:53 p.m., Rhone lay dead from more than a dozen stab wounds on the lawn in front of her apartment. The fatal wound was to her heart. A tip of the butcher knife used was embedded in her skull. Pedroso faces a murder charge. SOLVED

12. Chai Taphom, 28. He was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds in an alley near Northeast Davis Street and 111th Avenue about 2:15 a.m. on May 13. His two-door silver 2005 Honda Civic was missing. Police later arrested two in connection with Taphom's death (see names below) after Beaverton police found Taphom's car June 12 involved in an armed robbery of a convenience store. Police later linked the accused to the next homicide. Taphom was shot nine times, including multiple shots to the head. (See details in next listing.) SOLVED

13. Michael Burchett, 38. He was found fatally shot, including four gunshot wounds to the head, at 2:20 a.m. May 28 outside the Blue Spot, a 24-hour adult video store off 3200 Northeast 82nd Ave. His 2000 black Honda Civic was stolen. Police linked Cevelino Capuia, 20, and Shawn Ryan Womack, 21, to the crime. Capuia was driving Taphom's Honda when arrested June 12; Womack was driving Burchett's car when arrested the next day. Police later linked Womack and his girlfriend to the shooting of Capuia's girlfriend, Marissa Manwarren, whose body was found June 14 near Beverly Beach. Manwarren was shot twice in the head. SOLVED.

14. Rodolfo Romero-Lopez, 24. He was shot in parking lot of Crofton Apartments at Southeast Stark Street and 157th Avenue at 11:08 p.m. May 31. On July 17, three men were charged with aggravated murder in the killing. Joel Sanchez-Jacobo, 29; Gerardo Vasquez Villa-Gomez, 25; Jose Zamora-Camacho, 21, are in custody. Police said the shooter walked up to Romero-Lopez and shot him at close range in what they suspect was a drug-related dispute. SOLVED.

15. Raymond Anthony Ezelle, 48. His body was found June 21 dumped in Columbia County on private property near a gated access road off Alston-Mayger Road. An autopsy showed Ezelle died of a gunshot wound to the head. Detectives say he was shot in the 1500 block of Southeast 32nd Place by a former roommate, Christopher R. Aquino, 37, and that Nicole Regalia, 22, helped dump the body and destroy evidence. Aquino is accused of murder with a firearm, abuse of a corpse and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Regalia was charged with abuse of a corpse and destruction of evidence. SOLVED

16. Timothy Gripp, 50. Police found Gripp dead in his home after his roommate, Jeffery Scott Rogers, 37, walked into Central Precinct about 3 a.m. July 13 and told police there was a body in his home. He led officers to a home in the 1600 block of Southeast 48th Avenue. Police discovered Gripp strangled to death in the bathtub, surrounded by frozen vegetables, frozen meats and ice. He'd been dead for several days, the result, police say, of a domestic dispute. Rogers faces a murder charge. SOLVED

17. Edward Dalton Haffey, 59. He was strangled by an emergency room nurse, Susan Kuhnhausen, who came home after work Sept. 6 to find Haffey inside. Haffey attacked her with a hammer. Kuhnhausen was able to get on top of him and place him in a choke hold until he died. Police say Kuhnhausen acted in self-defense; she was not charged. Police accused Kuhnhausen's estranged husband, Michael J. Kuhnhausen, 58, of hiring Haffey to kill his wife. Haffey had worked for Michael Kuhnhausen as a custodian at Fantasy Adult Video. Police say Michael Kuhnhausen helped disarm the security alarm at the home in the 7900 block of Southeast Alder Street earlier in the day and let Haffey in. They say Haffey waited with yellow rubber gloves and a claw hammer for at least four hours until Susan arrived home from work. SOLVED

18. James P. Chasse Jr., 42. Died in police custody from broad-based blunt-force trauma to his chest. The state medical examiner said the injuries occurred as Portland police were trying to take Chasse into custody at Northwest 13th Avenue and Everett Street about 5:15 p.m. Sept. 17. Police approached Chasse after seeing him shuffling at a street corner and possibly urinating behind a tree. Chasse, who suffered from schizophrenia, ran. Police chased him and knocked him to the ground. Chasse's ribs were fractured, and his lung was punctured. A Multnomah County grand jury found no criminal wrongdoing by the two Portland officers and county deputy sheriff involved. An internal review is under way. DEATH IN POLICE CUSTODY

19. Douglas Reed Adamson, 52. His body was dismembered, and parts turned up in the Columbia River starting Sept. 17. On Sept. 12, Adamson's roommate reported him missing. Adamson's torso showed up five days later when a couple fishing in the Columbia River near the east end of Government Island discovered a large black athletic bag wrapped in duct tape and containing human remains. On Sept. 20, a woman walking her dog found an arm on a beach near a Vancouver park. The next day, a maintenance worker discovered a human leg on the Washington shore of the Columbia just east of the Interstate 205 bridge. On Sept. 23, a Columbia River boater alerted police to a floating arm that was also Adamson's, found in the river's main channel, about two miles west of the Interstate 5 bridge. Adamson, a mechanic who was off work on disability, lived in a Southeast Portland apartment. His pickup was found abandoned along I-205, but no evidence of a crime was found in the vehicle. UNSOLVED

20. Robert W. Carr, 89. He died of a head injury Sept. 21 in connection with, police say, a Sept. 13 dispute with his girlfriend, Beatrice Holmes Ward, 81. Witnesses saw the couple arguing at 9:25 a.m. in the parking lot of a store at in the Jantzen Beach mall, 1400 N. Hayden Island Drive. They said Ward pushed Carr, who fell and struck his head on the pavement. Ward faces second-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault charges. They were in a relationship for 15 years, court records say. SOLVED

21. Ronald Lee McClanahan, 57. He was found dead Sept. 24 in his home in the 3500 block of Southeast 141st Avenue. He was lying naked on his carpeted bedroom floor, his ankles and wrists bound with rope and a terry cloth belt stuffed in his mouth. He died of blunt-force trauma and possible asphyxiation. McClanahan encountered his attackers at a local store, where they were caught trying to steal beer. McClanahan invited both to drink at his home. There, they put back a few beers with him and then robbed him. DNA helped link the crime to Charles L. Sampson Jr., 39. DNA from cigarette butts and a beer can left behind in McClanahan's home, and from the rope that bound his ankles matched Sampson's DNA profile.

Sampson and Brenda L. Hudson, 47, were each charged with multiple aggravated murder and robbery charges. SOLVED

22. Galen P. Sloan, 39. He died of a shotgun blast Oct. 7 after he tried to force his way into an acquaintance's home in the 9100 block of Southeast Crystal Springs Boulevard. Police say Deangelo Oliver, 26, shot Sloan in self-defense. Sloan had been threatening Oliver and intimated that he was coming after him with a gun. Sloan apparently came to collect some drugs he suspected Oliver had stolen from someone else, police say. SOLVED

23. and 24. Francis E. Weber, 72, and David Copeland, 64. They were found dead Nov. 5 in a driveway off U.S. 26 past the Vernonia turnoff. Part of Weber's body was found at the scene; other parts in his van about 10 blocks from the Southeast Portland home he shared with Copeland and another tenant, Frank G. Hudson, 62. Hudson is accused of fatally shooting both over a rent/landlord dispute in the house in the 6700 block of Southeast 62nd Avenue. He's also accused of dismembering his landlord and then using Weber's van to dump both bodies in rural Washington County. SOLVED

25. David E. Hughes, 52. A fugitive who faced sentencing for burglary convictions was fatally shot by police Nov. 12 after he jumped from the second-floor window of a room at the Hospitality Inn Motel off Southwest Capitol Highway. Hughes had five years hanging over his head for burglary, weapons and attempted arson charges, which he pleaded no contest to in September. In March, he broke into his ex-wife's former lover's home to retrieve her dog, which she claimed was being held hostage. He failed to show up for his Nov. 7 sentencing and was on the run. Officer Nathan Voeller, a six-year bureau member, fired seven rounds from an AR-15 rifle. Central Precinct Sgt. Tim Musgrave, a 14-year bureau member, and Officer Kevin Tully, a one-year bureau member, fired eight rounds between the two of them from their 9 mm handguns, police said. Hughes had no weapon on him. He died from multiple wounds. A county grand jury found no criminal wrongdoing. SOLVED

26. Leonardo Perez, 29. Died of multiple stab wounds Nov. 22 in a Northeast Portland apartment complex. Police have a warrant to arrest Francisco Garcia Sanchez, 29, with murder in the stabbing death that's believed to be drug-related. SOLVED

27. Robert Carl Pfeifer, 28. He was fatally shot while trying to break up a bar brawl about 1:30 a.m. Dec. 26 inside the Wetlands Public House at Southeast Stark Street and 160th Avenue. Police charged Lai Ngoc Thach, 21, with one count of murder. The fight began between a couple of women, and Pfeifer stepped in to try to break them up. He had gone to the bar after completing his 4 to 10 p.m. shift at a nearby Shari's Restaurant, where he worked as a waiter. SOLVED

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